Before Planning Your Fund Raising Car Wash Consider This

Parking lot fund raising car washes are a great way to raise money for camp, school outings, and other events. Unfortunately, these innocent fundraisers are doing more harm than good. 

Why is it Bad?

Waste water from fund raising car washes contains toxic hydrocarbons and other inorganic compounds like oils, grease, nutrients, heavy metals, and suspended solids which get dumped directly into local water ways untreated. The soap used for washing vehicles at a fund raising wash is often a greater threat than the substances washed off the vehicle. 

Go Green!

Partnering with Oyster Point Car Wash is a great way to have a fund-raiser and stop pollution. We conserve and treat our wastewater, and then RECYCLE it. 

We have developed a program that allows qualifying non-profit organizations to raise money for their group without polluting our waterways. 

Oyster Point Car Wash has a cleaner alternative for your fund raising carwash...

  • Sell Oyster Point Car Wash passes and your organization keeps 50% of the proceeds
  • Sell passes individually or in books, with or without extras such as a polish, wax, Armorall, etc.
  • Oyster Point Carwash can tailor a program to accommodate the needs of your organization
  • Oyster Point Carwash Does the Dirty Work!

By using Oyster Point Car Wash, your organization will help protect the environment from harmful waste water. You will be saving water which is crucial, especially during the summer months. You won’t have to worry about chemicals finding a facility or liability held by your organization during your fund raising event. No rain outs. The customer can use the car wash pass they purchase at their convenience 

Contact Tammy Dessoffy at (757) 881-9510, or today to discuss your next successful fund raising car wash.

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